Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Hopefully none of you Mickey Mouse Follies readers thought I dropped off the face of the planet since I haven't made a post in a while. No, it was just the holiday rush that kept keeping me away from the blog. Today though I have a special post all about what's to come from me in the coming months of 2008.

After I finish all the toons from Mickey's black and white era, the next set of films I'd like to tackle belong to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. As many of you probably know, Oswald was created before Mickey but was taken away from Walt through a series of dirty deals. Recently the Walt Disney Company had re-acquired the character and created a special Walt Disney Treasures DVD full of many of the rabbit's shorts. I was given this DVD for Christmas, and I must say it's fantastic! I can't wait to show you the parallels between Oswald and Mickey, not just in design but in their individual toons as well.

Next I'll be starting up the second version of this blog titled Mickey Mouse Follies: Vibrant Technicolor. This blog will focus on Mickey's color toons.

Another blog I'd like to begin (though it won't get up and running until way down the line) is one featuring my favorite Disney character, Donald Duck. This blog is called The Donald Duck Chronicles and will focus on all of Donald's films.

Last but not least, I'd like to start a blog all about Mickey's pup Pluto. This blog will be called The Yellow Planet (the above picture is the blog's logo) and will focus on all of Pluto's cartoons, both color and black and white.

Well that's what I'd like to accomplish this year, and hopefully you'll be there to read about my thoughts on various cartoons. Have a great year!

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David Gerstein said...

I'm looking very much forward to your Oswald discussions. The rediscovery of Oswald shorts is essentially like finding new black-and-white Mickeys, anyway. A wonderful character whose output is incredibly fun to research!