Friday, January 25, 2008

The Fire Fighters - June 25, 1930

The Fire Fighters is Mickey's 19th film. This toon stars both Mickey and Minnie as well as the rising star Horace Horsecollar. The plot is fairly simple, but the toon definitely makes up for it with a host of funny gags.

The film opens with a shot of the town firehouse where Fire Chief Mickey, Fire Fighter Horace, and the rest of the team are fast asleep.

Out on the outskirts of town, a citizen rings the fire bell to alert the fire department of an apartment building ablaze.

The fire house soon becomes alive as each fire fighter wakes up and gets dressed. A gag I enjoy is this one of the ostrich as the fire pole.

An even funnier joke occurrs when the fire ladder wakes up and descends itself to reach the fire wagon.

Mickey and the gang reach the burning building and discover Minnie trapped and screaming on the very top floor.

Quick-thinking Mickey manages to reach Minnie via a clothesline attached to a nearby building. Just as Minnie is saved from a deadly fall, the fire burns straight through the rope!

Luckily the large pair of trousers holding the mice works perfectly as a parachute, and the pair lands safely on the ground. Overjoyed to be rescued, Minnie smooches Mickey and ends the toon.

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