Monday, August 11, 2008

Fishin' Around - September 25, 1931

Fishin' Around is Mickey's 32nd short film. The toon stars Mickey and his best pal Pluto.

The film opens with Mickey and Pluto enjoying the day in their rowboat. Notice the fantastic water reflection.

Once the Mouse and his pup find a nice quiet place, they worm up their hooks and begin trying to catch some fish. However...

...the fish have a different plan in mind. It seems the lake is full of smart, mischievous guppies who like to play pranks.

Pluto ends up falling into the lake in chase of the fish. This results in an interesting scene where the pup seems to be weightless. There is some great animation here as Pluto really does look like he is moving underwater.

One interesting scene is shown when Pluto uses his nose to sniff out the guppies' trail. The scene reuses animation from both 1930's The Chain Gang and The Picnic. Of course the scene is also interesting because Pluto seems to magically have the power to sniff while underwater!

Soon the law catches up with Mickey as it turns out he is fishing in a no fishing zone. The old sheriff tries to take the Mouse into custody, but...

...Mickey and Pluto are able to speed away and avoid any fines. Even with the sheriff in hot pursuit, the pair are able to live to fish another day.

One last scene worth mentioning is this one which features a sign in Hebrew saying no fishing.

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