Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Birthday Party - January 7, 1931

The Birthday Party is Mickey's 25th cartoon in his black and white film series. The toon is a decent one and features the celebration of the Mouse's birthday.

The film opens with Mickey joyfully whistling on his way home. Unbeknowest to him, Minnie and some friends are waiting eagerly inside to suprise the Mouse for his birthday.

Of course, all Mouseketeers should know that the Mouse's recognized birthday is November 18, 1928 (the same day Steamboat Willie premiered).

As Mickey steps through the door, everyone screams suprise! Mickey is amazed and truly suprised.

If the above frame looks strange, it's probably because the animators used a mirror effect to create a larger group of animals by simply reusing animation. The technique saves time and money as well as creates two of every guest. Just behind Mickey stand two Clarabelles and two Horaces.

Next, a delicious-looking cake is brought out complete with candles. It's too bad no one is able to taste the chef's creation.

Notice how there are two candles on Mickey's cake. This leads me to think that perhaps this toon was originally planned for release in 1930 (Mickey's 2nd year) and for whatever reason was pushed back to the beginning of 1931. In any case, I suppose the film can be seen as a belated birthday party for the Mouse.

Minnie presents Mickey her gift, which is a brand new piano. A strange gift, considering that Mickey already has a piano in his home.

With two pianos to play, Mickey and Minnie get the party hopping with some delightful tunes.

The cartoon ends with Mickey playing his xylophone (which seems to appear from nowhere).

Though not very special, The Birthday Party is an entertaining toon and goes on to inspire a few remakes involving not only Mickey and Minnie, but other yet to be seen Disney characters as well.

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