Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Jazz Fool - October 15, 1929

12th in Mickey's cartoon series of shorts is The Jazz Fool, a rather boring short featuring Mickey playing musical tunes.

The toon starts with Mickey riding into town advertising for his big road show. He sits playing a joyful tune on his calliope as the entire town follows him down the street.

Also included in Mickey's Big Road Show is a hatless Horace Horsecollar playing percussion instruments as Mickey dances and entertains the crowd.

Mickey steps out from behind the curtain and sets his piano up to play for the audience. The rest of the cartoon just features Mickey playing piano tunes, which is why I tend to find the short a bit boring and unoriginal.

As I watched The Jazz Fool, it for some reason seemed very familiar to me, as if I had seen Mickey do all this before. I went back to Mickey's previous shorts and discovered that The Jazz Fool borrows heavily from Mickey's piano performance in The Opry House. Both include Mickey banging on the piano keys...

...both feature the piano itself becoming personified with a face...

...and both feature the piano retaliating against Mickey. So because half of The Jazz Fool is basicly a remake of an earlier Mickey short, I find it to be repetitive and unimaginative. Solid animation, but nothing remarkable.

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